Safety Guidelines for Internet Escorts

1. Require Basic Personal Information
These are basic description questions that you can use to identify a person that threatens, assaults, or robs you. This information is useful when reporting both to LE as well as to other escorts and blacklist internet boards.
        First and Last Name:
        Email Address:
        Contact Number:
        City/State of Residence:
        Height / Weight:

2. Require Verification
There are a variety of ways to obtain Verification. Choose the combination of Verification techniques that makes YOU Feel Safe!

    Provider Verification
        Reference Name:
        Reference Contact #:
        Reference Email:
        Reference Website:
Research the Provider(s) given as to be sure that they are real and that they exhibit safe verification habits as well. Visit their website, check for reviews.

    Work Verification
        Business Name:
        Main Switchboard #:
        Best time to reach client there:
        Business Website:
Research the Business by name and be sure that the Main # matches up. If you do not reach the client via the main #, that is not verification that they work there. There are spoof companies that some predators pay to use as false work verification.
        Self Employed
                State of Michigan - Business Entity Search
        Licensed Professional
                State of Michigan - Verify a License/Registration

    Verification Websites
These sites use a discreet database system. Some charge a small fee to use, others use reference exchanges. Please check them out.

RoomService 2000

Preferred 411


3. Have a Safety Contact
If you are meeting with a client for the first time, have a person you trust know who, where, and for how long you are meeting. Call when your appointment begins and ends. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to let your client know that you are making a safety call. Having a Buddy system with another provider works very well!

4. Travel with a Buddy
Traveling with a Buddy is safe and more fun! Also, get to know escorts in the area's you travel to. It never hurts to have a network of friends!

5. Know Your Surroundings
Be familiar with the area you work. Be prepared. Know where and how to get help.     

6. Report Violence!
Do not be afraid to report any form of violence against you.
Call 911 and an attorney.
In Michigan, the law states that the information you provide can not be used against you.
        Act 328 of 1931 sec. 750.453 of THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT)

7. Report Threatening Email
You can contact the senders email provider and report threats.